What to Expect

I love that you’re curious enough to be here. Thank you!

I love capturing life as it happens.  Excitement, surprise, laughter, joy & tears… candid moments.  Some of the BEST photos happen when no one is looking at the camera.

I always prep my families with a more detailed email pre-session, but in general my approach to portraiture is informal and relaxed.  Throughout the session we may pause to group everyone together, and then I’ll ask your family to interact. My goal is to capture the way you are with each other, and the feelings you feel about one another. I will help guide you into places that will lend to the best photos, but then I hope you don’t even realize I’m there. I want you to play, have fun and be with each other.

The wrinkle of a nose, a twinkle in an eye, the laughter you create together, and the love that you have for each other. Those are the things that make my heart sing, and make photographs beautiful. Your family creates beauty, all I do is collect those beautiful moments for you to treasure.


At the end, I hope that you feel like you were just on a family adventure (with a photographer in tow).