Get to know me…

Hi, I’m Kellie! The one behind that big, black, clicking gadget.

I would love to help you preserve the memories of your family. As mom of a 7 old girl and 3.5 year old boy, I know that time flies by and you can barely remember what happened last week. What do you wish you could bottle up and have forever? Laughs, smiles, love? The way your child cocks their head to the side and raises their eyebrow while flashing a mischievous grin? Tickle fights? The way you spend your Saturday mornings together?

Photos exude emotion. They capture those moments that encompass and define a relationship. Photography tells a story. It shows the true personality of a subject, immortalizes ephemeral moments, and it makes you FEEL. Everyone seems to cherish the traditional group photo, but it seems that people LOVE those candid, natural moments that happen between the posed pictures!

…I would love to spend time with you to catch those in-between moments. To slow time down and allow you to look back on these fleeting moments over and over again.

I am a self-professed shutterbug. I have been toting my camera almost everywhere since I was a little girl… and my family and friends have learned to ignore it. But usually I don’t mind them ignoring me. Why? Because I try to capture life as it happens. I see “moments”, and I want to help you have those treasured memories to look back on.

If you’re still reading and curious about who I am and what I do… Here’s the breakdown:

  • I’m a mom to a precocious 1st grader and a preschooler who make my days hilarious, amazing and exhausting all at the same time.
  • I’m married to a very supportive, patient man who is the BEST dad to our kids, but still drives me crazy when he leaves an empty wine bottle on the counter.
  • I am a fiercely loyal, compassionate friend.
  • I love to cook… but hate meal planning.
  • I could eat Thai food everyday. No, seriously. Everyday.
  • I’ve been CrossFitting for 10 years and love Olympic weightlifting.
  • I’m a former jeweler (haven’t picked it back up since my son was born) and craft-aholic with closets full of good intentions that are now being used for kid art projects.

And last but most certainly not least, I am a photographer who is documenting everything in my family life. I’d love to help you do the same!