meet Kellie

Hi, I’m Kellie! If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to slow time down or freeze it for just a bit to enjoy the moment longer.

I have been toting a camera almost everywhere since I was a little girl. I've been seeking to capture the moment... where I've been and what it felt like. I'm a super sap, and perhaps overly sentimental. I love romantic comedies, and they usually (okay, always) make me cry. I get teary-eyed and a lump in my throat watching athlete profiles during the olympics, especially if they end with it culminating in a montage of how they did in their event. I've even been known to cry watching the back-stories on America's Got Talent or American Ninja Warrior. 

For me, pictures are a time machine. I could spend hours upon hours looking at photos, laughing, grinning ear to ear, and reliving moments. I take photos of my family to try to remember the little things that I know will fade as time marches on. I'd love to help you bottle up all these things in a photograph... those feelings, that laughter, the grip of those tiny fingers curled around your finger, the smell of a little body nuzzled up close to yours, the arm now resting on your shoulder instead of wrapped around your waist. Time won't wait for anyone, let's document your NOW!

My favorite Things the sound of the ocean
Thai food - I could eat it every day
watching (photographing) the sunset
lifting weights (so I can eat more!)
snuggling with my kids
colorful pens